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Jennifer Jordan Strain (aka Bench Press Betty) was featured on The Catwalk Podcast

Beyond her corporate engineering prowess, Jennifer is the creative force behind Supergirl Summer Camp, a local non-profit on a noble mission: to empower and inspire young girls to dream big. Known as Bench Press Betty, Jennifer exemplifies
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Bench Press Betty featured on the Female Mentor Podcast

In this episode I shared my passion of fitness, how I became interested in fitness competitions, the reason I started selling handcrafted seasonings and my big dream of
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Bench Press Betty featured in STRONG Fitness Magazine!

I am so happy to share that I was featured in the March/April 2023 edition of Strong Fitness Magazine. In this article titled "Bench Press Betty Is Raising the Next Generation of Strong Women" I shared my some highlights from my childhood, how I found family within
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Bench Press Betty was featured on The CW Austin!

I had an amazing experience with all the lovely ladies from The CW Austin. I was able to share with them how I became involved in the fitness competitor world, the inspiration from
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Bench Press Betty was featured on Best of Midland

Back in April 2023, I sat down with the hosts of Best of Midland Texas. I was able to share my story of being a self proclaimed "band geek" to falling in love with weight lifting. Also included
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What are BCAA’s?

BCAA stands for branched-chain amino acids. They are essential amino acids that have a branched-chain structure and play a key role in the synthesis of proteins in the body. BCAA’s…
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What is the Mediterranean Diet?

The Mediterranean diet is a diet based on the traditional food of countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea. The Mediterranean diet is high in fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes, whole grains, and…
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What is a Pelvic Tilt?

Pelvic tilt is a movement of the pelvis that occurs when the lower back is arched or rounded inwards, or when the lower back is flattened or pushed outward. It…
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What started as a dream has now become a reality! To learn more about how you can register your girl, volunteer with us, or help sponsor the organization, please visit:…
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Why Did I Start My Own Line of Seasonings?

Don’t worry! I’m not considered “cool enough†to be affiliated with anyone or anything. So any links you find here Bestie are just to help you out! You’ll also enjoy…