About Me

A woman in red top laying on the ground

If you’re like me, you’re reading my story because you are somewhere along the way in your fitness journey. No one can appreciate how hard you are working to achieve your goals than me. I’m proud of you! And like you, I am constantly looking thru the internet to learn more about fitness and nutrition and to find others who motivate and inspire me. And now, I’m hoping to help contribute and “pay it forward” to motivate or inspire you to continue to follow your dreams!

I’m not special, or blessed. It’s not genetics, it’s just good ol fashion hard work, consistency, and a lot of heart. Since my early 20s, I’ve always admired girls in the gym who looked fit and athletic. I was skinny, but not very defined. I’ve always had a zest for life and a bit of flare for the dramatic. I’ve never been athletic! Couldn’t play any sport to save my life! So when I discovered you could still achieve an athletic look thru traditional weight training and the bodybuilding lifestyle, I was hooked!


Having a Type A, organized personality definitely helps. The diet and workouts are very structured and planned out. It takes a lot of the guesswork and stress out of your life. There’s also no right or wrong path in my opinion... it’s going to be whatever works best for you and your lifestyle.

I started this website not only to share my story and tips and tricks I’ve learned about along the way, but also to honor my Grandmother. Her name was Betty, and she was my biggest cheerleader and supporter in everything I do. Her life was cut way too short due to an aggressive cancer, but her presence and motivation lives on thru me.

At the same time, the term “Betty” is synonymous with the “Pin Up” era. Why pin ups? They represented beauty in strength during a time when they had to step up and work while the men were drafted into theaters of war during WW2. “Rosie the Riveter” wasn’t just a poster, but represented an entire generation of strong women!

Most important to me is that my Grandma Betty taught me that you only get one life. I was put on this earth to be more, and I have more to offer than to merely allow my “day job” title define who I am. I am multifaceted, like a diamond... and it’s my time to shine! I hope I can help you shine too!



2021 NPC Nationals - 6th Place Open

2021 Olympia Amateur - 1st Place Open

2021 NPC Phil Heath Classic - 1st Place Masters (35+), 2nd Place Open

2020 Arnold Amateur -  3rd Place Masters (35+), 5th Place Open

2019 Arnold Amateur - 2nd Place Masters (35+), 5th Place Open

2018 NPC Texas Cup - 1st Place Open, 2nd Place Masters (35+)

2018 NPC Bob Cicherillo Championships - 1st Place Open, 1st Place Overall

2017 NPC USA Championships - 7th Place Open

2016 NPC USA Championships - 4th Place Open

2015 NPC Texas State Championship -  1st Place Open, 1st Place Novice